Two-time Oscar-winning soul-vendor Hilary Swank has had some time to think about her paid appearance at a lavish, floating birthday party for Chechnya's murderous president, Ramzan Kadyrov. And she now regrets it.

Were this, say, 30 years ago, she may have regretted it less. But it isn't, and so there she is on YouTube, reciting a skin-crawlingly affected tribute to the delighted tyrant and his thuggish entourage. And so she regrets it.

But what about her fee? The Human Rights Foundation, who had warned Swank about the implications of accepting Kadryov's invitation, would like to know what she's doing with it.

From their statement:

"After five days of wall-to-wall criticism, this is weak, especially given that the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) sent a warning directly to Swank through her manager on Sept. 26 — a full 10 days before the party. We offered to brief her, but her manager cut us short and responded that Hilary had no plans to attend...The more important question now is what is Swank going to do with the blood money paid from Kadyrov's coffers?"

The Hollywood Reporter approached Swank's publicist with that very question; they replied that the actress planned on donating all of it "to various charitable organizations." Great! I guess that leaves one, final, unanswered question: Exactly how much money can those various charitable organizations look forward to receiving? [THR, photos via Getty, AP]