Most of you know that the Chinese sure do talk funny. But just in case you don't, let's let powerful House Appropriations chair Rep. Hal Rogers explain it.

He was telling a joke last night at an event with some liquor lobbyists about the proper pronunciation of "Louisville," which begins with an "L." See where we're going? Good. From the Washington Examiner:

Rogers, who was being inducted into the George Washington Spirits Society, started by giving a shout-out to all his friends at the event from Louisville. "You know there's a lot of debate about how you pronounce, how locals pronounce, the name of the biggest city in Kentucky," Rogers said, demonstrating several different ways.

"So I was on a trip to China a few years ago and came back and had dinner with the Chinese ambassador, who spoke broken English but was trying to impress his staff with his knowledge of the U.S., remarking at our dinner table mainly to his staff that he had been to Kentucky," Rogers went on. "He had been to the Kentucky Derby and he said, 'you know, the Kentucky Derby is located in a city and you need to know how to pronounce the name of,' he said, 'it's not Rouisville, it's Rouisville," using a slightly different inflection, but mocking the ambassador's accent. (And surprising those in the audience who were paying close attention to the remarks).

Heh indeedy, that's some funny Chinese talk right there. But Rush Limbaugh does it better.

[Image via AP]