"Can God take a joke?" That is the rhetorical question posed by USA Today, the newspaper with the most direct link to angels of any major media outlet. The answer? "Absolutely!" (Also according to USA Today.)

Everyone from Christians to Jews to Mormon cultists to Muslins are making jokes about religion these days, you see, due to the fact that "Humor is a sign of God's creativity. Look at giraffes. If Jesus didn't have a sense of humor, he wouldn't have been fully human," as one Jesuit alleged funnyman puts it, in a brazen display of nonsequiturism,

Huzzah for humor in all faiths! We cheer this trend wholeheartedly. Can't we all chuckle at ourselves, and our respective stupid mythologies?

  • A Jewish man died and woke up in heaven. "Where am I?" he asked. "Palestine!" replied god (who was made out of ham).
  • A Christian went to see a pornography in which a character had graphic sex with a succession of unmarried women dressed as nuns. "Jesus Christ!" exclaimed the Christian. Everyone in the pornography movie theater got a good kick out of that.
  • A gentleman of the Mormon faith was running for president. When a crude fundamentalist preacher accused the gentleman of being in a cult, the Mormon calmly turned to the man and replied "Fuck you, you fat fucking hick." Then he had his investment firm close a factory in the preacher's hometown.
  • A Muslim family surveyed their war-torn homeland, devastated by an endless campaign of U.S. bombing and a concomitant outpouring of violence from various homegrown radicals which had bathed the entire nation in blood. "Let's watch Tommy Boy," they said.

God loves laffs!

[USA Today, photo via Timothy Krause/Flickr]