Who would donate to the Barack Obama reelection campaign now, when everyone hates politics and life and he's not even in a difficult primary or anything? Apparently plenty of people would! He raised $42.8 million during the third quarter for his campaign committee, and another $27.3 million for the national party.

Having everyone who's ever met Obama vomit out a fundraising plea to your inbox or phone several times a day worked out alright. This isn't as good as the second quarter's combined $86 million, although this time around, many fundraisers had to be cancelled over the endless debt ceiling negotiations, which was probably the Republicans' plan.

Speaking of the Republican party, here was their press release headline greeting the Obama $70.1 total news: "14 Million Unemployed Americans Spent Another Quarter Watching Obama Look Out For His Own Future Instead Of America's." Change that "Obama" to "Washington, collectively," and that "His" to "Its" and you've got yourself a rare correct RNC press release headline.

[Image via AP]