What was supposed to be an enjoyable sexual experience for a California woman and her boyfriend turned into a bloody, painful horror show that involved the untimely death of several innocent maxi pads and required a trip to the hospital. The alleged source of all this violence and anguish: a vengeful vibrator.

At least that's what Bonjour claims in her lawsuit filed against Pipedream Products, the company that sold her the demonic dildo. In her complaint, posted by Courthouse News Service, Bonjour recounts her experience:

During the usage, I felt an intense sharp pain inside my vagina. My boyfriend quickly removed the toy, it was covered in blood. I thought, very briefly, that I had started my period but as the bleeding continued, getting heavier and heavier I knew it was not my period. I went through all of my sanitary pads and was passing clots of blood.

Bonjour lost consciousness and required a blood transfusion. Her son was "terrified" to see his mom in that state and will now be scarred for life. "He thought I was dying," she writes. "Quite frankly, so did I." Imagine being killed by a sex toy—how would your surviving family members ever explain that one to their neighbors? "She had a household appliance accident," Mama or Papa Bonjour might say. "At least she didn't suffer very long."

Pipedreams has denied Bonjour any compensation, so she's suing them for negligence and breach of warranty—claiming emotional duress and seeking compensatory damages for her medical bills. Maybe she can attach a claim for "supremely bad taste" and turn this into a class-action suit: Pipedream is responsible for the Kinky Kim (Kardashian) Filthy Love Doll and a bunch of other celebrity sex dolls.

[Courthouse News, via San Francisco Weekly. Image via Shutterstock]