Which movies have been illegally downloaded the most? If you said "a bunch of mediocre sci-fi/fantasy blockbusters," well, you're wrong! It's, actually, "a bunch of mediocre sci-fi/fantasy blockbusters and, also, The Hangover."

Yep! Avatar takes the top spot, followed by The Dark Knight and Transformers. This is all according to torrent news site TorrentFreak, which writes that it's "compiled weekly and yearly lists of the most popular downloads" for almost five years. The list is, unsurprisingly, dominated (like, nine-out-of-ten dominated) by action- and effects-heavy scifi and fantasy movies starring mostly men. Because that's just how the internet rolls. Here's the full list:

  • 1. Avatar (21 million downloads)
  • 2. The Dark Knight (19 million)
  • 3. Transformers (19 million)
  • 4. Inception (18 million)
  • 5. The Hangover (17 million)
  • 6. Star Trek (16 million)
  • 7. Kick-Ass (15 million)
  • 8. The Departed (14 million)
  • 9. The Incredible Hulk (14 million)
  • 10. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (14 million)

[TorrentFreak via THR]