Texas resident Colleen O'Neal is suing Continental Airlines and two other carriers for a short 2009 flight from College Station, Texas, to Houston that was exceptionally bumpy. Apparently she now has post traumatic stress disorder.

Sure, being a plane that's bumping around (especially for two hours) is nerve-wracking, but she got on the plane when there were tornadoes and thunderstorms in the area. Didn't she think this might happen? Also, it's a plane! Things can get bumpy. If O'Neal went on a boat ride and got wet, would she sue for that too?

Apparently now she's too afraid to fly and had hoped to get a job with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, but that would have required her to travel by plane. Since she won't be able to do that now, she's suing for lost wages for a job she never had. I always hoped to be an astronaut. Does that mean I can now sue NASA for a trip to the moon?

[Houston Chronicle, image via Getty]