Demented occult practitioner Michele Bachmann dropped a zinger into tonight's Bloomberg/Washington Post Republican presidential debate, telling Herman Cain that if he were to turn his "9-9-9" plan upside down, "I think the Devil's in the details."

She then did so to demonstrate. A chill instantly fell across the studio, followed by an ominous rumbling. Seconds later the power cut out, the room's only light emitting from the numbers 6-6-6, which had ignited into flames, and Bachmann's eyes, which were now glowing an unearthly shade of yellow. As her head spun a complete revolution, Rick Perry stabbed himself repeatedly in the genitals with a water bottle. "You tax plan sucks cocks in hell!" a demonic voice from deep inside Pazuzu Bachmann bellowed.

Then she turned it over again and everything returned to normal. [Bloomberg]