The Scream couple are working in Hollywood together. Also today: Lifetime remakes a modern Southern classic, some exciting Game of Thrones news, and HBO scoops up Liberace.

  • Friends millionaire Courteney Cox and her carny ex-husband David Arquette may be split up romantically, but professionally they are still very much in business. They have sold two shows that they are producing together, one called The Next Insanely Great Thing which is about a town that submits itself to "social media experiments" and zzzzzz..... and another about a couple that's together for 10 years and then breaks up and it's called 10 Years. HMM. Sounds familiar. NBC bought both of the shows, so it'll be interesting to see if they pick up both or either of them. I'd say it could have some bearing on their relationship, but probably not! These two weirdos are like peas in a pod. [The Wrap]
  • Ummmmm. The gay twitter world (or at least the old fruits I follow) is abuzz today about the news that Lifetime: Television For Laundry Day has decided to go on ahead and make a new version of Steel Magnolias with an all-black cast. Amazing! Who should play all the partzzzz?? Clearly Loretta Devine needs to play Truvy, because can you imagine anyone else but her (and Dolly) saying "Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion"? No, no you cannot. Let's have Regina Hall as Annelle and, as I saw suggested on Twitter, Alfre Woodard as Clairee. Ouiser's a tough one, but if she's up for it maybe Cicely Tyson could do it. If not her, obviously Phylicia Rashad. And as M'Lynn and Shelby? Hm, maybe Angela Bassett and Jurnee Smollett? Now you go! [Deadline]
  • Aha, the long-rumored Steven Soderbergh Liberace biopic starring Michael Douglas as the ostentatious pianist and Matt Damon as his youngah lovah has gone to HBO. Don't get too excited yet, though. They don't start filming until next summer. But, actually, do get excited, because the movie's title? Behind the Candelabra. Now that's a good title. Though, shit. There goes the name for my autobiography. How does Beneath the Cobwebs sound to you? Either one works for my life. [THR]
  • Fox has gone ahead and bought another show from Jonah Hill, this one a live-action comedy starring popular New York comedian and writer Hannibal Buress (30 Rock, SNL). There's no word on what the show is about or anything, but both of those guys are funny dudes so this should be considered good news! Also, don't you wish your name was something exciting like Hannibal? It'd be great. "Hi, my name is Scipio Africanus Lawson. I'm here to pick up my brain pills? Yup. Scipio... Africanus." Just has a nice ring to it. [Deadline]
  • SPOILER ALERT GUYS. If you're not done with Book 3 of Game of Thrones yet, do not read any further. OK, are they gone? They're gone. The GoT show has cast actress Rose Leslie, who charmingly played the ambitious maid who aspired to be a typist on Downton Abbey, as Jon Snow's future forest fuck-friend Ygritte. !!! This actress gets to be in Downton Abbey and then gets to roll around in a sex cave with Kit Harington? Nothing in life is fair. She is the 1%. Occupy Rose Lesile. [EW]
  • Pretty Little Liars and soon-to-be Rock of Ages actor Diego Boneta, who is this person, has just been cast as Adam, as in like first guy alive Adam, in that Paradise Lost movie they've got coming out. I could believe him as the first man! Camilla Belle plays his Eve, while the role of Steve has yet to be cast. Early reports have Chace Crawford desperately pleading for the role. [Deadline]

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