Meghan McCain is teaming up with Forest Whitaker and the USA Network to speak at a Newseum symposium called "A More Perfect Union: Stories of Prejudice and Power." Fishbowl DC reports:

The evening will feature five storytellers, including Oscar-Winner Forest Whitaker and blogger Meghan McCain, who will share a true tale of facing bigotry or discrimination and describe how the experience impacted their identity and outlook.

While Whitaker's story is sure to involve race, McCain has experienced great scrutiny over the years about her weight.

Hmm. We seem to have found the one topic Meghan McCain can discuss with expertise: Getting made fun of.

Luckily, you can still be anti-bigotry and anti-Meghan: Make fun of Meghan McCain for the stuff she says, instead of the way she looks! Bonus: If nobody makes fun of her weight, Meghan will be back to zero topics of expertise. Well, okay, half of a topic. I admit that her hair extensions usually look pretty good. [FishbowlDC, image via AP]