After weeks of literally protesting Wall Street, Occupy Wall Street has realized that billionaire CEOs actually don't live in lower Manhattan. So they're headed uptown! To help them, here's a map of where the richest of New York's rich live.

By camping out on Wall Street, the NYC residents that protesters have probably most inconvenienced are the small business owners whose bathrooms they've been befouling. Sure, there are rich people in the apartments surrounding Zuccotti Park, but no self-respecting billionaire CEO would live in the Financial District.

But today, protesters took a "millionaire's march," protesting outside the homes of News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch, billionaire republican David Koch, and JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon. Strangely the protests are occurring during the day when all these billionaires are probably out of the house, busy stuffing wads of $100 bills into burlap sacks.

Click here or on the image on the right for a map of where the most notable New York City 1%ers—including Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani and a bunch of Wall Street billionaires—live, for your protesting needs.