Demi and Ashton go camping and yell at a photographer. After occupying Wall Street, Kanye West went shopping. Jessica Simpson rubs her possibly-pregnant belly. Paz de la Huerta considers herself "one of the rare artists that are left." Tuesday gossip atones.

  • Fresh off his naked hot tub party adultery bender, Ashton Kutcher spent the Jewish Day of Atonement camping with wife Demi Moore in Santa Barbara. Fellow campers snuck around and photographed them, prompting a "gaunt and tired" Demi to "confront" an amateur paparazzo, "screaming" the following pleas: "Please don't take photos of me and my family. Please don't expose this." Oh. Now I feel sort of bad writing about it. According to Star's source,
  • Demi was screaming. Once she knew she had been photographed, she whistled at Ashton and gestured for him to hurry into the tent. It was obvious that Demi was showing the strain about the state of her marriage.

Unless it was the strain of being photographed on a camping trip while wearing no makeup and celebrating a religious holiday? (Note the presence of Demi's kabbalah bracelet.) Sidenote: Does everyone Star ever interviews just naturally speak the magazine's native dialect of psycho-babble celeb-euphemism-ese? Or do they translate phrases like "yeah, she was pissed" into long, winding statements about "strain about the state of her marriage"? [Radar Online/Star, photo, top left, via WENN]

  • After occupying Wall Street in a Givenchy outfit, Kanye West went shopping with Beyonce and Jay-Z. Jay drank Starbucks. [HuffPost]

Jessica Simpson looks awfully pregnant in these pictures. She has reportedly announced the pregnancy to "family and friends." [Superficial, image via Flynet]

  • Alexander Skarsgard on why Swedes are "so liberal and cool with our sexuality": "For five months [when] it's too cold and dark to be outside… we fuck a lot. When you're bored, just have sex." [Out]
  • Amy Winehouse's dad sold a memoir called Amy, My Daughter. "Financial terms were not disclosed." [AP]
  • Chris Brown gave Kelly Rowland at lap dance at one of his concerts. Watch at your own peril. [WSHH]

Paz de la Huerta on her haters: "It's just ignorance. I feel sorry for people these days. The media really feeds off of sensationalism. I work incredibly hard. I've studied acting since I was 15. I consider myself one of the rare artists that are left—especially of the young actors. It's unbelievable what some people consider great now." This quote is accompanied by the naked spread-eagle pictures at right. Love you, Paz. Never change. [Flaunt]

  • Jason Segel went out to dinner with Garcelle Beauvais. But are they K-I-S-S-I-N-G? "Jason and Garcelle are old friends who had dinner." Lame. [Celebuzz]
  • Humanity, meet your Sexiest Woman Alive, according to Esquire magazine: Rihanna. Lest there be any doubt about the factual accuracy of this designation, the tireless chronicler of sexiness rankings has helpfully provided naked pictures. [Esquire]