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Tracy Morgan got into some hot water back in June for saying during a stand-up show that he'd stab his son to death if he were gay. Morgan apologized more than once for his remarks in the weeks that followed. But he didn't exactly help his case during an interview on tonight's Late Show.

David Letterman spent nearly 10 minutes quizzing the comedian about the controversy this evening. Morgan spent much of the time ducking the questions, but when he finally did try and explain himself, he did so by backtracking on his apology ("I just think it was a misunderstanding, I was up there working"), and implying the controversy was the fault of the audience for publicizing what he said. He even threw in the old I-played-gay-on-SNL line for good measure: "I'm 43 years old, why would I become homophobic now? Have we forgot about Brian Fellows?"