Tonight marks the premiere of The A-List: Dallas, the second installment in Logo's ongoing investigation into the shopping habits, eating disorders and testicular size discrepancies of the 10 percent of the 1 percent who make up America's homosexual elite. And already it's tinged with sssssscandale!

Last week, cast member Taylor Garrett — a "powerhouse Christian Gay Republican," according to his Logo bio, with "a resume that includes the likes of Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry" — tweeted, "My place is nice and breezy now thanks to a liberal!" Attached was a photo of a threatening message which was allegedly tied to a rock and thrown through his window. The message, which you can read above, was written in the voice of a gay person, who Garrett claimed was outraged over Logo's decision to have conservative pundit/black-hole-of-decency Ann Coulter appear on the show.

Blogger Joe Jervis suspected the message may have been faked, and tweeted a response to Garrett questioning the lack of a police report. Garrett tweeted back: "there were plenty of reports! Kudos to your research abilities!" No police reports have yet surfaced. Garrett also prodded John Hill, executive producer of the series, after he tweeted congratulations to Garrett for "making headlines." Not long after that, both Garrett's tweet and Hill's well-wishes had vanished from Twitter.

The only statement from Logo on the incident, relayed via the network's official blog, conveys that they believe the incident really happened. And maybe it did! Come to think of it, does Marcus Bachmann have an airtight alibi for the night of the rock-throwing? If there's anything a Republican de-gayer hates, it's a proudly gay Republican. [Joe.My.God. via Towleroad, Photos via Joe.My.God,]