[There was a video here]

The rumors were true: Doltish conservative stuntman James O'Keefe was hanging out at Occupy Wall Street today. No doubt he was dreaming up another hilarious sex imprisonment fantasy prank that proves liberals suck. We've got video.

According Michael, the guy who shot this video, O'Keefe didn't seem to be filming at the time. "He was walking by and a couple of people were just pointing out that he was who he was," Michael told us over the phone a short time ago. "He was trying to be completely not in anyone's way, not to bring too much attention to himself." Whoops, sorry James.

O'Keefe, who made his name taking down ACORN with a deceptively-edited video "sting," isn't the first conservative to attempt to infiltrate the Occupy Wall Street movement. Conservative journalist Patrick Howley marched with protesters in Washington D.C., then bragged in the American Spectator about illegally escalating the protest by charging into the National Air and Space Museum and getting pepper-sprayed.