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The wheezing gophers over at Fox News' Fox & Friends spent a good deal of time this morning talking about the Occupy Wall Street protests, and then, as a service, decided to "give us a flavor" of just who's doin' this crazy thing.

To show the true faces of the protesters, they basically just regurgitated, pulpy slop tumbling out of their mouths, things they read in their parent company's newspaper, the Post. There was a story about a WANTED CRIMINAL who craves nothing more than methadone all day who is hiding out at the protests. Yup, that's just your average Occupy Wall Street protester. It's all wanted methadone felons and/or Danny Glover.

Next they showed us a photograph of a protester teaching people how to pick handcuffs with a bobby pin, which is terrible because it is hypothetically disrespectful to Authoritah. And then Gretchen, the blonde column of glue and tater tots, said "The most important thing about this picture to me is the cherub face of that child," and then spoke woefully about how activist parents are bringing their children to these seedy socialist drug-orgies. Then she said "I don't know! Leave it up to you about what you think about that." See? Impartiality! It's up to you, dear viewer. Could go either way. Do you want beautiful cherub children falling into the soiled clutches of methadone escape artists? Or do you want them safe and capitalist at home, eating non-Ben & Jerry's ice cream? The choice is yours! Gretchen is just providing you with the facts.

So there you have Occupy Wall Street: Nothing but hippie-crooks and soon-to-be murdered angel children.