There are questions among the hacktivist collective Anonymous whether today's planned attack against the New York Stock Exchange's website in support of Occupy Wall Street is an elaborate trick to entrap participants or smear the movement. Whatever! It's still apparently kicking off less than two hours from now.

The plan is to launch a distributed denial of service attack against and take it down, much as they did to Paypal and Mastercard last year. Though large numbers of Anonymous members have spoken out against Operation Invade Wall Street, as it's called, the Invade Wall Street chat room has more than 140 people now, and threads on 4chan are recruiting more participants. But after dozens of arrests throughout the world stemming from those attacks, and internal disagreement about this attack, is Anonymous still in any position to take down websites? We'll see at around 3:30pm.

Update: Well, looks like they did take it down... for about one minute.