Updated. Bushwick resident and YouTube user TheFallGuy53 was minding his own business, sitting on his front stoop, when suddenly, an apparition of light. A UFO, lurking in the north Brooklyn sky!

I was sitting on my stoop, waiting for my girlfriend to come home from work. Two kids walk by and said, "those aren't airplanes..." as they walked passed. I turned my head and my mind was fucking blown. This just set the paranoia out the roof. shiiiiit.

Am I the only one seeing nothing here? Maybe my screen resolution isn't high enough. He's not freaking out about those lanterns, is he? Notes a commenter,

I saw this last night in Bushwick too! It was three of them, but I'm almost 100% certain that they were sky lanterns, the kind that float up. Search Taiwan sky lanterns.

That said, the heavy breathing and silent dark void in TheFallGuy53's video are kind of freaking me out. Like a minimalist horror movie. Somewhere in the eerie darkness of east Williamsburg, aliens lurk. Or celebratory Asians with a lackadaisical attitude towards fire safety. Either way, shiiiit. [TheFallGuy53, Sky lanterns via Wikipedia]

Update: We contacted TheFallGuy53 and he just got back to us:

Thanks for showing interest in the video I posted. I never post videos on YouTube but I needed to try and find other people who witnessed it. The whole story is pretty much what I wrote on the description and sent to Buzzfeed. I was sitting on my stoop, semi-stoned waiting for my girlfriend to get out of work from Roberta's. I'm just sitting there looking at my phone and these two neighborhood kids walk by and say to eachother casually, "those aren't airplanes." my jawdropped when I saw three bright red lights eerily hovering from N to S. I followed them with my phone until the went over a building then another cluster started appearing following the same general path. They travelled sometimes speeding up and slowing down and rising and falling in elevation, unpredictably. Also it might be suitable to note that numerous airplanes flew through the air under them giving some sort of context. They were very bright, unlike what my phone captured. My other roommate later told me that some drunk dude at Wreck Room, down Evergreen, was bragging about how he saw UFOs while he was smoking a cigarette. Although I'm searching for a reasonable explanation for it, I'm not convinced They are sky lanterns. I just received an email from someone from the Bronx claiming he witnessed something very similar. Thanks for letting me share my story and please let me know if you get any leads on what this might be.