Reluctant to have your little ones participate in a demonic (but delicious!) pagan ritual? Then choose to celebrate Jesus Ween this October 31st instead. Jesus Ween is not, in fact, a celebration of Jesus's ween, but rather "a non for Profit Organisation [sic] also known as JesusWin...focused on helping people live a better life."

The website, Facebook page and Twitter account all seemed just a little too good to be true. So I called the number provided on the site, which started with an Alberta area code. A friendly, talkative man with an Asian accent answered. His name was Pastor Paul Ade, who runs a congregation out of Calgary. Jesus Ween was Pastor Paul's brainchild, and very much a real thing — which he hopes will become a worldwide phenomenon.

I asked Pastor Paul what he had against Halloween.

"I think it's an activity that doesn't have anything to do with Christians," he told me. "And I think many Christian families are not knowledgeable to what it's all about. Halloween is not consistent with the Christian faith. Many people say they feel uncomfortable on that day. We think people should choose an alternative activity."

I didn't have the heart to tell him Jesus was a zombie. Anyway: Happy Jesus Ween, everybody! [, image via]