The Nobel Peace Prize will be awarded tomorrow, and people are taking seriously the possibility that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg might win it. These people seem to be confusing the concepts of "world peace" and "procrastinating at work."

The Los Angeles Times says the chairman of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, Thorbjorn Jagland, "made some provocative comments that fueled speculation" Zuckerberg might win the prize. What were those comments?

Jagland told the AP: "For me and the committee it is quite obvious if you look at the world today and see what is happening out there.What are the major forces pushing the world in the right direction?"

The fact that this statement caused everyone to assume he's talking about Facebook says more about how weirdly obsessed people are with Facebook than the odds Zuckerberg might get the Nobel (for its supposed—much exaggerated—"role" in the Arab Spring revolutions). A multibillion dollar business built on selling users' personal information to corporations? Hell, let's give the Nobel in economics to Zynga for figuring out how to make millions off of fake cows and farmhouses in Farmville; the chemistry prize could go to whatever genius gave the world Nickelodeon Gak.

Then there's the rumblings of a Wikileaks/Julian Assange Nobel. If the Nobel prize is being awarded by a committee of top Reddit users, then maybe? Hopefully there's a rule that a person can only have AT MAXIMUM one outstanding sexual assault accusation against them before being considered for the Peace Prize. In which case, maybe next year, Julian.

Update: Three women have won the Nobel Peace Prize.

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