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Here's a trailer for Young Adult, the new movie from Juno collaborators Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman. Do those names send chills through your spine? Good ones, or bad ones?

Good ones: Jason Reitman seems to be getting steadily better as a director, increasingly concerned with subtlety and shading (things Thank You For Smoking completely lacked to tedious effect, things Up in the Air had in a few nice moments) and not just broad, almost anime set pieces. Plus Charlize Theron is a great and appealing actress, and Patton Oswalt has a big part here which is exciting.

Bad ones: I mean pretty much everything else you can feel about this movie. I know it's sorta corny at this point to Just Not Like the kind of writing that Diablo Cody does, but... I just don't like it. Juno had its moments, but most of it was so exhaustingly snappy and seemingly pleased with itself. Same for the episodes of United States of Tara that Cody had the writing credit for. It's just too much! Too busy! Too kicky, whippy, zippy, whatever you want to call it. Maybe now that she's a little older and more secure in her career, Young Adult will represent a more mellow Cody, but who knows. And I don't like to think about what her writing could bring out in Jason Reitman, just when he's figuring out how to direct things other than cartoons.

Eh, but I'm probably just being a jerk. Lots of people love Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman! So, enjoy this, their new thing.