The misinformation dissemination league known as the National Organization for Marriage has made three asinine movies from New York town clerks who quit their jobs rather than issue same-sex marriage licenses after the state legislature made them legal this July. Now they're claiming it's "persecution."

There is so much wrong with all of these videos. First of all all of these women say they wished they could hold their religious beliefs and do their job at the same time. Guess what, you work for the government. In America there is a separation of church and state. If you don't like that, you shouldn't be working for the state in the first place! Why don't you go get a job as the clerk at your church and then you can tell people all day long that the Bible says marriage should be between a man and a woman. It wouldn't make you any more right. I also love the woman who says that gay marriage isn't what's in God's heart. I remember enough from CCD to know that we are merely humans and we can't even venture to know what is in god's heart, so not only are you a bigot, you're a bigot with a serious case of hubris.

And this is not persecution, plain and simple. This is about being able to do your job. If you worked at McDonald's and the boss said, "You have to make French fries with this new oil," and you said, "This oil is against my religious beliefs and I will not use it," then you should be fired, because you can no longer do your job. There are parts of all of our jobs that we don't like or may disagree with, but that's the choice you make every damn day: Either do the things about your job you don't like or quit and find a new job.

That's why I sort of agree with Ruth here. She has her morals and she stood by them. Sure, she may be completely misguided about same-sex marriage, but at least she's willing to stand up for what she believes in. But the real Christian thing to do would be to move on and allow your fellow humans to share their love and happiness. Don't try to get your job back, don't go around talking about how everyone made it awful for you, just go to church and pray and leave the rest of us alone. These are not moral or political or spiritual issues. This is an HR problem, and it was right that all of these women stepped down.