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Here's a trailer for the "true life" movie My Week With Marilyn, a sexy drama about Marilyn Monroe visiting London for the first time and having a brief dalliance with a cow-eyed young man. Looks good?

This is an interesting movie in that it is really the first time we'll get to see Michelle Williams step outside of herself for a role. Usually in the past she's just turned her particular mumble up or down a few notches, letting it get all nervous and stifled in Brokeback Mountain or a bit looser and free-form in Blue Valentine. Those were good performances, but they didn't seem like too far of a wander from who Michelle Williams actually is.

But this! This is her playing an actual character, a real person to boot, so that will be a very interesting attempt to witness. Perhaps purposely we don't hear that much from her in this trailer, either because the producers want to maintain some mystery orrrr.... well, or because she didn't pull it off. Who knows! The good thing for the movie is that at this point Marilyn Monroe is so far away from most people (she died almost fifty years ago) that "She's inauthentic!" will likely be less loud a cry than it once might have been.

Oh and Eddie Redmayne and Dominic Cooper are total dreamfoxes and Judi Dench has never not been wonderful (yes, even in Chronicles of Riddick), so the movie has that going for it too.