Tipster Amanda sent us this picture of dirty, unemployed patchouli monster Penn Badgley participating in yesterday's Occupy Wall Street march by holding a sign (handcrafted by a Tea Partier, it seems) and demanding the return of the Glass-Steagall Act. For some reason he (or the original signmaker) filled in all the holes in the letters—maybe to represent how he/the protesters have "had their fill" of corporate greed? What does it mean.

Are we sure he's the one holding the sign? Given the placement of the arms in the top photo, it seems like the guy behind him might be holding it. But this other photo at right shows him wearing a green t-shirt; the sleeve on the arm holding the sign is green. Is a saboteur at work? (Next week's Star cover story: "Is Dan Humphrey a secret Larouchie?" Competing Enquirer cover story: "Is Penn Badgley a Radical Octopus?"). Whatever's going on here, at some point during yesterday's festivities the Gossip Girl star and Zoe Kravitz romancer was spotted wearing a Kangol hat and talking about how he'd like to use his fame for good. He also said he prefers the term "public artist" to "celebrity." Given that he mixed it up in the streets just like any old prole, he probably deserves to be called whatever he wants to be called (not to be interpreted as an endorsement of economic parity, or of patchouli).

Not spotted at the protest: 99.9 percent of all other public artists. [Images by tipster Amanda]