Herbert Chavez, a 35-year-old man from the Philippines, really, really loves Superman. So much so, that since 1995 he's undergone a variety of plastic surgeries in order to look just like his favorite comic book hero—including a nose job, chin augmentation, lip injections, and thigh implants. And he's still not done: As he told ABC CBN News, he plans on getting even more surgeries—the most ambitious being an operation that would make him taller. Superman doesn't transform in a phone booth, but in a doctor's office.

Medical professionals who spoke to ABC CBN attribute Chavez's surgery spree to body dysmorphic disorder; indeed, the portrait that Chavez holds up during his interview looks nothing at all like the version we see today. I suppose the bright side in all this is that he doesn't idolize Batman or Spiderman, because finding a plastic surgeon who does "permanent bat mask with little bat ears" or "full-facial spider web with insect-like eye implants" operations is probably difficult. Then again, with tattooing and fillers almost anything's possible nowadays.