God Hates Steve Jobs about as much as God Hates Fags, but God loves Apple products—therefore, it's totally not hypocritical at all that Westboro Baptist Church member @MargieJPhelps used an iPhone to declare her congregation's next publicity stunt demonstration on God's behalf. Even God has an iPhone.

Phelps believes that Steve Jobs deserves to be mocked in death because he "gave God no glory & taught sin" to his neighbor, and also "served himself, not God." Uhhh, what? Maybe Phelps will use her iPhone again to tweet some concrete evidence. For now, we can only speculate that WBC is targeting Jobs because he actually did something productive with his life and they're envious. Either that, or they once asked him to develop an iMegaphone and an iPlacard for them to spread their hateful messages more efficiently (and with more elegant interfaces) and he rebuffed them, and they're just being spiteful now.

[Margie Phelps' Twitter, via Buzzfeed]