For perpetually calm and collected Courtney Love, it seems that time does not heal all wounds. She's still seething over Kurt Cobain's suicide. She's so enraged, in fact, that if Kurt should somehow rise from the beyond, she says she'd kill him again. And not only that! She also says she'd make sure to have sex with him one more time before finishing him off.

An interview with Courtney appears in the October issue of Vanity Fair in which she explains. Sort of.

Mad? Ya think?! If he came back right now I'd have to kill him, for what he did to us. I'd fucking kill him. I'd fuck him, and then I'd kill him...He tried to kill himself three times! He OD'd at least five times. I was the fucking E.M.S. I was always sticking pins in his balls. I carried around Narcan!

The four-time Mother of the Year winner goes on to address "the fraud"—an alleged credit scandal involving identity theft and Cobain's millions—before getting into a long lamentation of her mothering skills. Courtney blames herself for not teaching Frances Bean to read until the age of seven and regrets not taking her to enough Broadway musicals:

Why didn't I ever take her to a Broadway show? She fucking loved those Broadway musicals!

Oh Courtney! When will the self-flagellation end? Just let it bleed.

[Vanity Fair, image via Getty]