Anna Faris' husband, fellow actor (and Parks and Rec costar) Chris Pratt, is getting a lot of heat on Twitter because he used the social networking Penny Saver to give away the couple's 15-year-old cat away. Now that all the friends of felines are hitting him back, he's making it even worse.

Now, you have to admit that giving up a 15-year-old beloved pet on Twitter because it's old and incontinent seems crass on face value, right Chris? Also, the cat was in the movie Stuart Little which makes her practically famous! While he deleted the original Tweet, here is his explanation to all the haters out there:

Bottom line, and not that this is any of your fucking business weirdos, but my wife and I want to start a family and we ABSOLUTELY CANNOT have an animal that shits all over the house. Sorry. If you are a parent you will understand. And if not, that probably explains why you have such a hard on for cats. Just sayin'.

OK, first of all, as soon as you tweeted that you were looking for a new home for your cat, you pretty much made it everyone's business. So there's that. It's like asking for a light outside a nightclub and then being pissed that people are showing up with matches. Secondly, that is a very good reason to get rid of the cat, so maybe you should have made that clear in the first place. However don't use the parent defense. You know when parents say, "It's for the good of the kids," and you're supposed to excuse any sort of rude or bad (or seemingly bad) behavior because there are kids involved? That's bullshit. Also, there isn't even a baby yet. Good job, Chris, you just basically just got every editor at every tabloid to start hounding your wife about her stupid "baby bump." Couldn't you at least waited for conception?

Guess what, he actually found someone to take the cat.

So what I used twitter to give away our pet? I have some people who follow me and I thought maybe somebody would be thrilled to have my old cat. And guess what… Somebody was! Her name is Meghan and as far as I could tell she is a perfectly reasonable, sweet and friendly cat lover.

So, wait. You gave your old, feeble cat that has given you nothing but love (and probably made you some money with all those acting roles) away to a total stranger you met off the internet? Is this how you're going to find babysitters too? "Hey, everyone. Anna and I have a premiere tonight, DM me if you want to watch the kid!" No, that's not how this show work. And if you start talking about her "farm upstate" we're all going to know that this Meghan character doesn't exist.

Pratt's rambling blog post then tries to poke fun at the cat lovers who are tweeting at him trying to shame him. Oh, Chris. This is such a bad idea! While I'm totally on your side, you are not handling this thing well at all. Yes, you're just making this whole thing worse. Do not mess with cat people. Do not poke at them and call them names. Don't try to rationalize with them. They are crazy and they will not get your jokes. The only recourse you have is to apologize and try to move on. Just let the cat people have their outrage. They are not people like you and me, but they are fierce and will never forget. So instead of lashing out, just apologize, send them some pictures of the cat playing a keyboard with it's new owner, and try to patch things up with all the human Cathy cartoons out there. Admitting wrongdoing is the first step. I mean, seriously, dude. You just gave your cat away on Twitter.

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