Today at 3pm, Occupy Wall Street protesters will march from New York City Hall to the Financial District, along with members of scores of labor unions and other organizations. The question on everyone's mind: Will this be a repeat of last Saturday's dramatic "Battle of Brooklyn Bridge?"

Probably not. More than 700 people were arrested last weekend when a planned march took an unplanned turn down the Brooklyn-bound traffic lane of the Brooklyn Bridge. Today's march seems to be shaping up to be even larger than that one, which comprised an estimated a few thousand people: Organizers say they'll be joined by more than a dozen labor unions—including the AFL-CIO.

But whereas the Saturday march involved breaking the law from the very beginning, organizers have received a permit to march this time after they moved the march's start to City Hall, according to the Wall Street Journal. The involvement of such mainstream organizations as the labor unions should temper the desire to thwart the cops, and police are going to be on their best behavior after the intense attention (and class action lawsuit) brought by the kettling of protesters last weekend.

Still, anything's possible! Organizers of the march last weekend seemed barely in control of the crowds' actions—no one even knew where the march would be going before it left. Perhaps the new influx of established organizers has changed that. Still: The arrests last weekend drew unprecedented media coverage and support—the spectacle of peaceful protesters rounded up like cattle is a powerful one.

Will the relatively small hard core that first led protesters onto the bridge, despite police warnings last Saturday, be able to exert similar influence today, with a much larger crowd to work with? We'll see: I plan on going down to check it out and will update live throughout the march.

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