One-time Real World: Key West star turned bloated MTV Challenge hang-about John Devenanzio, aka Johnny Bananas, is following through on a threat made this summer and suing HBO for privacy violation, defamation, and emotional damage because the show Entourage created a fake cartoon called Johnny's Bananas.

Yes! The bloated hanger-on on that show, Johnny Drama, got a cartoon show with Andrew Dice Clay in which he played a put-upon, tough-talkin' gorilla and because his name is Johnny and gorillas like bananas and that's also a term for crazy, they named the show Johnny's Bananas. Now this Real World guy wants HBO to never show the final season of Entourage to anyone ever again, ever again!, because Johnny Bananas was totally his thing, the little craaazzyyyy nickname everyone like Paula and all the other sad loudmouths called him on the infinite number of Challenge seasons he's done.

Ha, how sad and embarrassing and fun. Mr. Bananas, not a single person on this troubled blue marble we call a planet has any single remote idea who you are. I mean, yeah people know, but do you think that for one bright second anyone was watching dumpy old Entourage and saw the cartoon monkey and thought of dumpy old you? No, absolutely not. You are the only one who thought that! And now you are publicly suing a cartoon monkey from Entourage because bananas is your word, you own the word bananas because some rum-soaked reality kid dubbed you that in between sweatily making out with someone and puking into a swimming pool. You, sir, need to check yourself, though I fear you've already long ago wrecked thyself.

Anyway, I know this is all probably just ginned-up silliness solely done for attention rather than actual hilarious megalomaniacal delusion, but it's too great not to talk about. It's a crazy story. It's bananas! Oooooops, sorry Johnnyyyyy! [THR]