Arianna Huffington found the name "PopEater" tacky, so she threw everyone overboard and shut the AOL entertainment site down. That, at least, is the unauthorized message Huffington's former minions published to the world via Huffington's servers.

The note, inlaid above, says Huffington called PopEater's monicker "tacky" and thus justified "depos[ing]... editors and writers." It was displayed on all of the site's archive pages, according to The Daily; PopEater has since been redirected to "HuffPost Celebrity," which as a name in the crowded field of celebrity gossip, I mean, blah with blah sauce, right? Anyway, if PopEater's people weren't already in greener pastures like MTV News and Billboard, we'd suggest talking to former TechCrunch editor Mike Arrington. He's got a new blog venture going, and will definitely not hold Arianna's derogatory reference check against you.

[Image of finger via Ioannis Pantzi/Shutterstock. Pop Stew screenshot via The Daily]