With the advent of Pajama Jeans, I was worried about the trend of Americans wearing their sleepwear outside of the house. But something far worse than Pajama Jeans has happened: fashion designers are trying to make this a trend! This is very, very bad.

Today an intrepid NY Post writer published a story in which she indulged in the trend of wearing couture pajamas out of the house with high heels and a "statement necklace" (did she get it at Chico's?) and calling it an outfit. I'm saddened that I'm going to have to say this again, but pajamas are not clothes for wearing outside unless outside is getting your newspaper from the front walk or walking your dog (if you live in the ruralest of rural areas). Otherwise, you need to knock it off.

But since French fashion house Celine and Tommy Hilfiger are putting pajamas on the runway and usually tasteful designer Rachel Roy (see above) was wearing them on the red carpet just last month, girls who use the word "fashionista" are going to start giving it a try, including our intrepid reporter.

In college...I'd regularly throw a cardigan over men's pajamas and scurry off to history class looking like I was about to sit down to a cup of chicken noodle soup at one of Providence's finest soup kitchens.

Yes, that happened in college, where it is perfectly acceptable to act like a narcissistic slob, because that is all college kids are. They don't care about anything, including how they look. But you're a grown up now and it's time to put a little something together if you're going out in public. Wearing PJs with expensive accessories doesn't mean you're being cutting edge or different or accessing something about your college experience that you miss. It means you're a fucking slob. It means you're a lazy person who can't even put on jeans and a T-shirt. Aren't those comfy enough?

What's worse is that this is going high fashion. It was one thing when it was just Pajama Jeans and we could laugh about the rubes who would shell out $19.99 and order them off the television and rock them at a Wal-Mart. The way fashion works in America (as so deftly explained by Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada) is that it starts at the highest echelons—with the Celines and Rachel Roys— and then is quickly knocked off by Forever 21 and the silly starlets trying to get on Fashion Police one way or another and then the girls who are obessed with Sex and the City reruns on TBS try to pull it off with a pair of men's PJs they found at TJ Maxx (they're Maxxinistas!) and next thing you know people just forget about the heels and necklaces and it's just people walking around the mall in a pair of damn pajamas.

I'm here to tell you this is not OK. Rachel Roy is beautiful and has great taste and access to the kind of fashion that all of you out there in America do not. Her outfits, everyone one, should have a "do not attempt this at home" label attached. That especially holds true for something really out there, like pajamas as daywear. That's what the intrepid reporter found out, thankfully, that people thought she was a lunatic for walking around in a pair of printed silk luxury sleepwear. Thank God, because the last thing we need is for the fashion industry to give people out there permission to be even more casual. So yeah, when it comes to pajamas as fashion, take a lesson from the garments themselves and give it a rest.

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