In your majestic Tuesday media column: Justin Rocket Silverman strikes a pose, Michael Wolff is still alive, the WSJ is doing fantastic, Robert Mackey boomerangs back to the NYT, and Dealbook hires some kid.

  • The Daily's Justin Rocket Silverman—coast-to-coast explorer, stripper investigator, and expert fingerbanging journalist—put the above photo on his Facebook page today. If you don't know Justin Rocket Silverman, we'll try to describe him for you: he's exactly the kind of guy who would put this photo on his Facebook page, in the secret hope that it would end up here. Nice guy though.
  • Michael Wolff still has not been officially shown the door at Adweek! YET. Here's what his boss told the WSJ: "Michael's on the masthead,' said James Finkelstein, chairman of Adweek owner Prometheus Global Media. 'If I wanted to let go of somebody, it's very easy for me to do it.'" A resounding vote of confidence! We continue to watch with interest.
  • WSJ editor Robert Thomson told his staff in a memo yesterday that "our print ad revenue in August was 24 per cent higher than the same month last year." That is kind of amazing! What is your secret, WSJ? Besides being a wholly subsidized Rupert Murdoch vanity project, more or less? Seriously, that is very good!
  • Last month, Robert Mackey left his position at the NYT's The Lede blog to join The Guardian's new US operation. Now he's back at the NYT! Less than one month! No official word on what the fuck that was all about, but I assume he got to his new job, smacked himself on the forehead, and exclaimed "This is the U.S. version of The Guardian? My mistake."
  • Also, the NYT's Dealbook has hired Will Alden away from his job at HuffPo. The NYT fights back against talent poaching! But hmm, Will Alden is "(Yale '10, NYO intern '10)" so he is, if my math is correct, three years old. To be fair, Andrew Ross Sorkin is only four years old.

[Photo via Facebook]