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While many TV newsmen aren't good at anything else, a one-trick pony Brian Williams is not—and he's got a reel full of everything from cameos on 30 Rock to slow jams with Jimmy Fallon to prove it. The NBC Nightly News anchor does best, though, when there's no agenda or script, which is why his appearances with David Letterman on the Late Show are often so memorable.

So it was a bit odd tonight to see Letterman spend the majority of his two segments with Williams behaving less like the suave king of late-night and more like that crazy lady on Facebook who, despite the fact you don't know her, responds to every link you share with a three-paragraph rant about America's inevitable demise. Then again, it's amusing to watch Williams squirm as Letterman bombards him with question after question about issues on which he can't take a particular side, as you'll see in the clip above.