In your dreary Monday media column: HuffPo launches four new verticals for the easily amused, a football player threatens a sportswriter, The Awl's empire expands, the creative class is dead, and Yahoo News and ABC learn to share.

  • The Huffington Post (now more popular than ever!) has launched four new verticals: one for "the boomer generation" ("edited" by Rita Wilson!), one for "gay voices," one for high school students, and one for weddings. All will be vapid.
  • Kevin Burnett, a linebacker for terrible football team The Miami Dolphins, challenged a sportswriter to "come at me like a man" and "put on some pads," rather than writing negative stories about the hometown team. That would probably be unwise though, because the likelihood of a sports journalists being a better football tackler than an NFL linebacker is exceedingly low, even if the linebacker is on the Miami Dolphins. On this basis we would advise against the writer taking Burnett up on his offer. Don't let the fact that the Dolphins are even worse than the Jaguars fool you, writer. Their players are still far larger than the average human.
  • The Awl's rapidly expanding evil blog empire has added another, uh, blog: The Wirecutter, by former Gizmodo figure of note Brian Lam. Is it a blog, or just a list of tech things? Either way it looks crazy! Congratulations to all.
  • Scott Timberg's think piece on the death of the creative underclass is worth a read, particularly because it enables you to more accurately reflect on how Chris Anderson is full of shit.
  • Yahoo News announced that it will be sharing content with ABC News. That's boring.