The annual War on Christmas—dormant since the bloody Holiday Battles of 2010—is back in full swing, according to a breaking news bulletin from local crazy cat woman Andrea Peyser. Even worse: now they're coming after the Jews!

Whereas normally the godless heathen forces of secularism have concentrated their evil powers on killing Christian Christmas by firing Santa Claus and turning public Christmas trees in hotbeds of gay communism, it now appears that the "Happy Holidays" brigade will not even allow Jewish people to celebrate their own knockoff version of Christmas. (Which is called "Hannukah" according to Wikipedia, although the festival in question here is Sukkot, which begins next week, which we will nevertheless consider part and parcel of the Christmas season, which began weeks ago). Andrea reports that a secular liberal Community Board in Tribeca tried to forbid the erection of a Jewish sukkah in a public park, due to secular liberal hatred of any sort of erection that honors God. Well! Andrea Peyser is not one to let a religious erection issue go un-moaned over!

Of course, there is a punch line. Community Board 1 is the same entity that voted last year to welcome the mosque and Islamic center near Ground Zero to the community. Apparently, members don't see the irony of a government body kissing up to one religion while slamming the door on another.

Oh, the same bunch of secular liberals that opposed a religious installation in a publicly owned park also supported the right of a religious organization to build a community center on private property? SCANDAL.

You never hear about them outlawing Muslim Christmas. Coincidence?

[NYP. Photo: Shutterstock]