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On the eve of Florida's bestiality ban, let's catch up with zoophilic memoirist Malcolm Brenner, whose book Wet Goddess describes a nine-month sexual relationship with a theme park dolphin in Sarasota. After two weeks living in the eye of a bestiality news storm, Brenner lost his job as a photographer and endured harassment. But he's also had sucess: Orders for his book are pouring in faster than he can fill them. He is in touch with an editor at a "large New York publishing house," and has told his story to audiences as far away as India.

Brenner gave a follow-up interview to David Farrier, the New Zealand reporter who kicked off Brenner's current moment in the sun. (Above, a clip from Farrier's first interview.) Asked whether he thinks society will ever embrace bestiality, Brenner made a bold prediction:

Q: Do you think society will ever accept zoophilia?
A: I think society will begin to accept zoophilia around the time when genetic engineering makes it possible for us to sport adaptations from other species the way kids now sport their piercings and tats; in other words, about 30 years. Then we'll have cat-human hybrids, for instance. People who are all human will either be cultists or incredibly old-fashioned.

I think I know what Wet Goddess' sequel is going to be about. [3News, WetGoddessBlog, Amazon.com image for illustrative purposes only]