Donald Trump was all excited this morning that his suit line was debuting at Macy's. Well, it seems like it's about a step away from being on sale at Daffy's because, as Mogulite pointed out, the suits are already 70% off.

Another shining example of how to get rich from Donald Trump. He'll slap his name on any product with a flat surface, and here he is hawking his cheap $200 suits. I mean, even at full price these were only $700. Please, Donald. Until you're Thom Browne or Simon Spurr and selling your suits for thousands, then you're not the quintessence of luxury you'd like us to think. No, you're more like those "10 billion thread count" sheets that claim on the package to be amazing, but I really bought for $7.99 at a street fair on Sixth Avenue and then got home and they scratched up my skin with their horribleness. You're just like that, but sadder.

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