In your mordant Friday media column: Judith Miller critiques someone else's journalism, the Occupy Wall Street Journal is coming, the NYO begs for a raise, Slate redesigns, and Jill Abramson wants questions from you.

  • Living monument to journalistic disgrace Judith Miller is now writing op-eds for Fox News, appropriately. She took a course about "Covering Islam" from the Poynter Institute (which is, by contrast, a respectable source of journalism opinions), and she was very upset at Poynter's attempts to put the scourge of terrorism into its proper perspective, using numbers. "Just what kind of journalism is Poynter promoting?" asks Judith Miller, who herself prefers to promote journalism that promotes wars based on false US government propaganda. Judith Miller, you are doing exactly what fate has decreed that you should be doing with your life. Congrats.
  • Debuting tomorrow afternoon in NYC: the Occupy Wall Street Journal, a real live four page print newspaper with a 75K circulation, funded through Kickstarter, headed by some of the same people who release The Indypendent. They whipped it up on an extremely short scheduled. That's some pretty impressive shit. Meanwhile New York magazine takes four weeks and six editors to decide which chair is right for the fall season.
  • The latest New York Observer media linkbait listicle is basically a passive aggressive way for New York Observer staffers to express their strong desire for higher salaries. I would be happy to make some jokes about it, but NOT FOR A PENNY LESS THAN $125K.
  • There's a Slate redesign. Eh.
  • When Bill Keller was NYT editor he used to hold "Throw things at Bill" sessions where staffers could come and ask him questions and maybe build a little open and honest communication, okay? Well now Jill Abramson is set to have her very first "Grill Jill" session. From an internal NYT email: The first "Grill Jill" will be on Friday, Oct. 14, with sessions at 11 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. at the TimesCenter auditorium. Those who can't attend are invited to e-mail questions in advance to Jill at" That's Send all your very serious questions in right now. Ah... assuming you work there.

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