British website Veggiedates makes it clear right in its tagline: "Find your veggie dates." Sounds hot! Until you find out that the site was actually full of grease-hungry meat-scarfing savages. Sounds not!

Everyone knows that vegetarians are considered the sexxxiest sex monsters ever stalk god's green earth. Everyone wants to have sex with vegetarians all the time, because our sexy diet—and our sexy morals—make us vegetarians irresistible to everyone who's only interested in one thing (sex). But of course we vegetarians don't always want to run around dating nasty carnivores because, come on, what a bunch of animals (LOL). So naturally vegetarians in the UK turned to the website Veggiedates, because even vegetarians know that, hey, if I'm dating another vegetarian, I am dating someone incredibly sexxxy.

Sadly, the UK advertising authority has had to scold Veggiedates in a harsh manner because it was nothing but a name slapped on a database of thousands of people who actually ate meat, anyhow. How many innocent vegetarians were tricked into dating someone less naturally sexxxy than they were, under false pretenses? Even worse, the owners didn't even apologize, or send a nice fruit basket. From the NY Post:

Veggiedates "acknowledged" that the site shared a common database [with other dating sites], and that "meat eaters comprised a majority of its users."

Incredibly, the site contends it never implied membership was restricted "only" to vegetarians.

"A member could indicate they were vegetarian or not by ticking a box in their dating profile," the site said in a statement.

Vegetarians: sexxxy, though not smart.