You know how Google has that cool Google Trends viewer thing, which lets you see the number of searches people do for different terms over time? Twitter has its own now, thanks to a few researchers.

Scott Golder and his academic colleagues collected 500 million tweets from 2.4 million users in early 2010. Using the data, they did some research that showed the collective mood swings of Twitter users, reported today in the New York Times. The study results are pretty obvious: We are most miserable on Mondays and Tuesdays, and happiest on the weekends.

But the really cool thing is this website Golder made with the data called lets you search those millions of tweets for any word. For example, we searched for "drunk" above—unsurprisingly, everyone on Twitter is drunkest at 2AM on Sunday morning. Searches for Bieber shows people are most tweeting at the Biebs mid-afternoon on Saturday and Sunday. People are swearing at 2 am, most of the time. (Probably has something to do with them being drunk?) And people eat right before they start crying.

So, that's cool: One more way to waste time using Twitter.