Who knew an anti-capitalist protest would be such a great place to pimp your tech start up? The mobile messaging service Vibe is generating buzz for its role in helping Occupy Wall Street protesters organize.

Vibe is a mobile messaging app for iPhone and Android which places an emphasis on anonymity and privacy. Users can start posting short "Vibes" to each others' phones without any log-in, and can set their messages to expire in as few as 15 minutes; this theoretically makes it harder for authorities to crack down on it. Think of Vibe as 4chan-in-your-pocket or, as Betabeat calls it, "Anarchist Twitter"

A protester named Drew explained to the Daily News how they might use the app: "Let's say you're protesting and someone up ahead sees that the cops are getting ready to kettle people, they can set out this vibe that only lasts a few minutes that says, 'Cops are kettling,'"

Vibe's founder, 53-year-old Hazem Sayed, told the Daily News that he headed to New York from California after seeing a few organizers posting on Vibe about Occupy Wall Street. Sayed is not exactly a diehard member of the black bloc. In fact he's a wholly capitalist famewhore: Earlier this year he paid a college student $900 for her #1 spot in line for the iPad 2 in order to promote his company Zami, which makes Vibe.

Add Vibe to Liberatos Pizza as one of the businesses savvy enough to make money from people protesting capitalism. Maybe this could be a new thing? Doritos should send some Guy Fawkes mask-wearing girls down to hand out new Xtra Spicy Proletariat Twists.

[Image via PaulS/Flickr]