In your dreamy Thursday media column: Roger Ailes has a skewed self-perception, Henry Blodget encourages you to steal his content, The Week is doing well, female sports columnists have a tough job, and James Rainey complains.

  • Among the bits that weren't good enough to make Howard Kurtz's recent profoundly dumb Roger Ailes article: "Roger Ailes on his ideology: 'If I were to become a liberal, I'd be the toast of this country.'" No. America tends to dislike fat, ugly paranoia-wracked schemers regardless of political persuasion. America like Ryan Seacrest.
  • Business Insider boss Henry Blodget does not care how much you "aggregate" his site's stuff, okay? Then I was going to just copy and past his entire post here as a joke, but it looks kinda long. You get the idea.
  • The Week—the magazine that is more like a blog than any other magazine ever invented—just keeps growing and growing. Print is dead, unless it reminds people of reading the internet.
  • A female sports columnist in Albany wrote a column mildly critiquing the behavior of Buffalo Bills fans, and in return, of course, Bills fans proceeded to assail her with phone calls and emails along the lines of "YOU SUCK DONKEY D***! That's why females shouldn't be allowed to write articles about sports." That's why people in Buffalo shouldn't be given access to the internet.
  • LA Times media report James Rainey gripes, "I write about newspapers and people say they get their news on the Internet. Please send me big scoops from Web-only publications." Ehh... can't think of any.

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