They are always sending insane contraptions down the runway in Paris, but there is nothing getting as much attention as this ensemble by British designer Rachel Freires. It's made out 3,000 cow and yak nipples and, yes, most people think it sucks.

Freires explains that she got the nipples from tanneries, that would normal throw them away, so she sees turning the teets in a skanky halter as a form of recycling. Yes, she's being green! Some critics just find it inappropriate and animal rights ativists think it's cruel and humiliating for the animal. I don't think the worst part of this is the materials she used. No, I think the worst part is that it's ugly. It's like a see-through crazy bolero and a half-skirt that looks more like an undergarment—almost a nip slip, if you will. Well, you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, but it appears that you can make a Victorian hooker costume from a bunch of cow boobs. Thanks for proving that, Rachel.

[Images via Rachel Freire]