Ashton and Demi face divorce and cheating rumors, while their "other woman" prepares for a payday. Jessica Simpson takes 10 pregnancy tests and considers postponing her wedding. Holly Madison insures her boobs for $1 million. Thursday gossip surveys the wreckage.

  • A rumor about an impending Demi Moore-Ashton Kutcher divorce has reached critical mass, though neither party has commented directly, yet. What we know: Demi and Ashton spent last weekend's six-year wedding anniversary separate. Ashton went to San Diego to party with a That '70s Show friend. Star says he went to a club and declared "none of the girls 'hot-tub-worthy,'" but cheated with 23-year-old Sara Leal on the night before his anniversary anyway (Did he wake up on the day of his anniversary with a stranger in his bed?) and now Sara is reportedly working with the lawyer who represented one of Lindsay Lohan's alleged catfight victims: "Sara is talking to multiple media outlets for a deal. She wants $250,000, but the offers haven't been as high. What she really wants is to get a payoff from Ashton."

    Ashton did not tweet anything about his anniversary, but on the night of the rumored dalliance Demi tweeted this quote: "When we are offended at any man's fault, turn to yourself & study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger." The day after their anniversary she tweeted a picture of herself with her eyes closed and this caption: "I see through you." Over/under on when Demi changes her @mrskutcher Twitter handle?
  • The ordeal bears striking resemblance to Ashton's 2010 cheating scandal, when a 21-year-old rando went public with a one-night stand, and claimed Ashton told her that he and Demi were living apart. Kutcher and Moore subsequently went on a splashy, romantic trip to Israel, but Star says they never started living together again, and now "they're finally done for good" "because of Ashton's serial cheating." The couple remains separate, with Demi in New York promoting the short film she directed for Lifetime, and Ashton in L.A. basking in the gross glory of Two and a Half Men. [Star, People, Radar, Radar, image via Getty]
  • Holly Madison insured her boobs for $1 million. Her plastic surgeon should put that on his resume. Meanwhile, a guy at the bus stop offered to buy Holly's brain for a piece of lint and half a stick of gum. [People]
  • Kelly Bensimon on getting kicked out of Real Housewives: "I don't like the word 'fired.'" Oh Kelly. Here, I got you this card. [OK]
  • Jessica Simpson has reported postponed her wedding, maybe because she's pregnant??? Or because "she can't figure out what kind of day she wants." One with a baby in it??? [Us]
  • Speaking of Jessica Simpson's uterus, a "close friend" says Jess "took 10 pregnancy tests," and got positive results every time. [InTouch]
  • Speaking of pregnancy, now that Beyonce is pregnant she thinks Jay-Z stinks: "I smell everything," she said. "If it smells bad, I smell it. My husband's fragrance, his one that I always love, I hate right now." Awkward that she's promoting her new perfume right now. How much you want to bet it secretly makes her want to vom, too? [Us]
  • Gwyneth Paltrow spent yesterday "nursing a horrific hangover" at JFK airport. "Nothing like starting an overseas flight dehydrated. Where is the dog, I need the hair." [@GwynethPaltrow]
  • Angelina Jolie took Zahara and Shiloh to get their ears pierced. Apparently Zahara "screamed then burst into tears. She was saying it felt like a stapler. So her little sister changed her mind about having hers done." [Sun]
  • Anna Faris wants to have eight kids with husband Chris Pratt, but admits eight is kind of a lot, even if her goal is "to populate the world! [laughs]" [Us]
  • Elizabeth Olsen insists her family is "normal." Hahahaha. [Nylon]
  • T.I. is finally free: He left his halfway house in a chauffeured SUV shortly after midnight this morning. [TMZ]
  • Kim Kardashian went bowling and wore a see-through crop top over a see-through lace bra, leather leggings, and six-inch spiked heels. Really wondering what this outfit looked like with bowling shoes. [INFDaily]
  • Kate Gosselin is still unemployed. :-( [HuffPo]