The wheels seem to be coming off Jerry Guo's wagon. Yesterday the internet entrepreneur admitted to misleading people during his time at Newsweek and just after. Today comes word he was fired from an AOL site over dishonesty. And it's not clear how much technology is actually behind his tech startup.

Grant Martin, editor in chief of Gadling, tells BetaBeat that the AOL travel site fired Guo for "taking old, past published posts and tucking them into the recent (but out of sight) queue so that our payment system would automatically sweep through and double pay him." That would be a more serious infraction than the wrongdoing discussed yesterday, in which Guo admittedly lied to a startup competitor that Guo was interviewing him for Atlantic Monthly, and in which he allegedly mislead people in order to score free accommodations or gifts (Guo said the complaints stemmed from cancelled reviews).

Meanwhile, Newsweek wrote in to dispute Guo's statement to us yesterday that he was a staff writer there. See the second update here.

We've also heard from a Grouper user who says that, despite talk of Grouper's "matchmaking... algorithm," Guo has actually been playing matchmaker manually, via simple Facebook surfing and old fashioned intuition. We've emailed Guo about that but have yet to hear back. Not that we're necessarily looking for a denial; after reading about the various houses of cards Guo is said to have erected, it might actually be refreshing to find out, for once, that the hustler-cum-entrepreneur is more involved in something than he claimed. (If you know more, email us.)

[Photo of Guo via We Are NY Tech]