Leighton Meester, she of perpetually glowing skin and terrible television fame, has purchased a lovely rustic home in Encino, California, smack in the center of the San Fernando Valley. My my, how the Waldorf has changed her exclusively Upper East Sider tune. Or not because Gossip Girl is a television show and Blair Waldorf is a fictional character and the things that she would or wouldn't do are irrelevant to Leighton Meester. So let's just leave all the caviar and headband jokes at the ranch-style door.

Leighton reportedly paid $1.47 million for the home, and although it looks like all kinds of charming, it seems pretty ordinary as far as quaint Ranchero homes in Southern California go. The home, built in 1948, is 2,847 square feet. It has four bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, a large backyard and pool, and several fireplaces.

Mazel, Meester. Enjoy the good life in the val!

[Images via Prudential]