For a while now Reebok has been selling its dumb fake "EasyTone" shoes that allegedly tone your butt (ladies), using magic. If you believed that Reebok EasyTone shoes would tone your butt, you are dumb. Well, now Reebok has to pay $25 million, for fooling you.

Yep, the FTC has stepped in on your behalf and ordered Reebok to pay up, so people who bought EasyTone shoes believing that said shoes would tone their butts can get refunds, because of course it is patently preposterous to believe such a thing. Reebok is all, "Settling does not mean we agreed with the FTC's allegations," but come on, is Reebok lying or just stupid? I'm not sure, but their shoes are ugly (and not magic).

Want to tone your butt, ladies? I'll give you a hint: two little words, and the first one is "Super." And the last one is "Squats." You figure out the rest.

"Stability balls" are also bullshit.

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