Jessica Simpson might be pregnant, unless it's just an unflattering shirt. Demi and Ashton might be breaking up. Lindsay Lohan gets reinvented as "Lyndsy." Nicole Richie's boobs look big. Wednesday gossip is hysterical about pregnancy.

  • Is beloved wiglet magnate Jessica Simpson pregnant? This question has been asked many times, with varying levels of body-snark-y implications, but I'm willing to give it the tiniest iota of consideration this time because 1) She's 32, about to marry fiancé Eric Johnson, has a nephew, and has said repeatedly that she wants children, so as good a time as any, you know? 2) The only public statement Jess has made since the rumor surfaced in a big "exclusive" "official" way is a tweet of her snuggling her fiance in a giant muumuu. Usually someone from Team Simpson nips this stuff in the bud, but this time, nada. (Then again, they were on a "family vacation" until two days ago. Maybe they haven't caught up on voice messages yet?) Celebitchy points out that it's been a while since we've seen Jessica stumbling around Hollywood drunk, so anything is possible. If the bump-watchers of the world cross their fingers, hope to die, hop on one foot, and wiggle their ears, maybe it will come true! [In Touch, @JessicaSimpson, images via Splash]
  • Did Nicole Richie get a boob job, or is it just post-baby grown-up stuff? Either way, you'll feel like a pervert if you click this link. [Us]
  • A 23-year-old claiming an affair with Ashton Kutcher "has lawyered up… and gone into hiding." Now Demi Moore might be dumping Ashton? I can't make myself care about these two, anymore. Do as you must, Mootcher. [Radar, Fox411]

A magazine called Lovecat scored "never before published stills" of Lindsay Lohan, and decided to change her name to Lyndsy as an act of artistic reinvention, much like the Syfy network. "We were looking to change the perception of Lindsay. By changing her name slightly, she became a fictional character who for the first time is seeing herself from the other side of the mirror. As a true film icon, she is unsure of where fiction and reality connect." I suspect Lovecat couldn't land an interview with Lindsay, so they concocted Lyndsy solely so they could have exclusive access to something. (Either that, or they can't spell.) This is a great strategy, and I hereby announce that I have just heard exclusively from Jyssyca Sympsyn that she is definitely pregnant, with an alien baby, and will soon give birth on camera, livestreaming exclusively on! [Milkmade]

  • Speaking of Lindsay, here's a picture of her sucking face with Philipp Plein, the Italian designer who hired her to come to Milan to "model." Is this part of her contract? "Must suck face with designer, while wearing jacket with prominent logo." That said, I can't tell if this is a sex kiss or a platonic good-bye kiss. He's European, after all. [TMZ]

"Meet Alyssa Milano's baby son Milo Thomas!" I'm running out of things to say about celebrity baby debuts. It's a baby. It has two eyes, two ears, and a nose. What the fuck else am I supposed to say? [Us]

  • Speaking of baby stuff that there is really nothing to say about: January Jones "debuted" her "slim post-baby bod." The baby is no longer inside of her. Consequently, her body is several pounds smaller now. Whoo. [Us]
  • Jennifer Aniston on Brad Pitt's boring couch potato comments: "It's not even worth discussing." [HuffPo]
  • Yesterday was the first day of Jacko doctor Dr. Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial. Highlights: death picture, doped up phone call, Kenny Ortega describing rubbing Jacko's feet. [TMZ]