Starz has already renewed its show Boss for a second season. Haven't heard if it? That's because it hasn't even aired yet. Yes, the premiere is still a month away and already the network has ordered 10 more episodes.

HBO started with this trick recently, where a show airs one episode and they immediately renew it giving the show a vote of confidence they hope will translate into more viewers. The reasoning is that if people know the show will be around for awhile, they might as well get invested. Now, apparently we're all supposed to watch a Gus Van Sant directed show inspired by King Lear where Kelsey Grammar loses his mind as the mayor of Chicago, just because it will be around forever.

Considering this is the first series that disgraced former HBO exec Chris Albrecht ordered since heading up Starz (and robbing it of its exclamation point!) maybe he's just trying to steal some of his old home's thunder with the instant renew business. In other news, NBC just ordered four seasons of a show that they are going to think up next week. Can't wait for that.